The atun

Employer Toolkit

Thank you for helping us promote atun.

This toolkit will provide you with the support and resources you need to successfully launch atun in your workplace. 


Tell your team why atun

Why should you promote atun?​

  • Supporting workers’ well-being improves their productivity. In crises, like this, workers are more stressed than ever and that is certainly impacting the bottom line.  Providing workers with atun, shows them you care, while also providing workers with tools needed to better manage these very stressful times. Meaning they'll be more.

  • Did you have popular programs onsite that had to be cancelled? atun can help continue the education and support of workers without face to face trainings.

  • Is your human resources and management team overwhelmed with questions? atun can help take some of the pressure off. atun will make sure workers get the information they need about changing regulations.

  • If you are looking for your own communication system, consider WOVO. WOVO still provides workers with the same atun e-learnings, but also allows for employers to have ongoing conversations and broadcast newsletters and other important information, directly to workers' phones. 



Download & Try

Download the atun app and learn how it works first! 

  1. Click Here or find us on Google Play 

  2. Click Install

  3. Click Open

  4. Click Register

  5. Choose your Country

  6. Create a Username 

  7. Fill in your phone number

  8. Choose a password

  9. Confirm

  10. Provide additional information if you want. 

  11. Click Login 

  12. Use your new username & password to sign in



Share Worker Numbers

Do you have your workers' phone numbers?

If you do:

  • Download the excel template below

  • Fill in worker phone numbers

  • Email us the completed template

  • We'll send all your workers an SMS text message letting them know about atun 

If you don't have phone numbers, no problem, skip ahead.



Set a Promotion Strategy

Work with your team to determine the best way to let workers know about atun. 


  • Create an atun committee. The committee should be a mix of workers and managers. This committee will be charged with spreading the word. 

  • Use existing communication channels in your facility, like Facebook or Whatsapp groups, the intercom, community centers and weekly meetings to announce and promote atun. We provide social media materials here.

  • Consider hosting an event at your facility to let workers know and help them download the app 

  • Provide WIFI to workers in break-rooms so it doesn’t disrupt production, but allows them to use the app onsite without using data

  • Download our toolkit for more ideas.

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